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Challenge in the Forest
Smilinguido Cartoons (In Portuguese)
Pirate Staff
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Smilingüido was created to communicate God’s love. Unfortunately, some people do not know or do not understand the objective of the character and use its image for other purposes.

To ensure that the character maintains its characteristics, there are standards of proportion and quality that should not be changed. Nor should Smilingüido be used for purposes other than to convey Christian messages.

Original products of the trade mark Smilingüido can be found at the virtual shop of Luz e Vida, at the Luz e Vida bookstores in Belo Horizonte, Porto Alegre, Curitiba, Recife, and all over Brazil. Any product that is not Luz e Vida or licensed and carries the image of the characters is illegal, that is, it is a pirate product.

Pirate products diminish the identity of the character. They are not always bound to Christian messages and are dishonest, since they unduly embezzle a creation, thereby causing loss to the creators.

The image of Smilingüido should not, under any circumstance, be used for commercial purposes, at shop facades or in advertisement through any press media.

Smilingüido images can be used at churches as long as the proportions and the colors of the drawings are not altered, or an authorization is issued by the Luz e Vida licensing sector >>

All images and games of Smilingüido site have reserved rights. Screensavers and wallpapers are free and can be ordered at other site, but can not be modified or used for other purposes. There must be a clear indication of who retains the copyright, as a link to

You can help to protect the purpose of Smilingüido and his Little Squad. If you know of any pirate product, please fill out the following form with the information that you have and send it to us. In this way, you ensure that our character continues to fulfill its mission of communicating God’s love.

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